Alexis Ko

Published on Sunday, February 21, 2021

merryhill mushrooms

merryhill mushrooms
1/15 | f/4.5 | ISO 100 | 22mm
Working from home during lockdown has meant that we no longer get that small talk / watering hole / banter that we used to get when we were in the office. At my workplace, the solution was to setup little clubs for people with different interests - from art, to food, books etc.

Happily scrolling along one day, I came across a photo of a massive bowl of mushrooms. It was mahoosive! Reading further I learnt that my colleague had grown these mushrooms at home, indoors. I was intrigued. I didn’t know you could grow your own mushrooms, let alone indoors.

Despite not having a green thumb, I thought it would be a fun experiment. So I immediately ordered myself a grow your own chestnut mushrooms kit, from Merryhill Mushrooms and impatiently waited for it to arrive.

The kit arrived swiftly, and I got right away to following the steps to start my mushroom growing experiment.

The instructions were to water the mycelium and leave it covered for 8 days. After which you can remove the lid and keep the soil moist by daily spraying. In around 16 to 24 days, you should see your first harvest emerge. Merryhill say that you can have subsequent picks, with about a week between, depending on the kit. The larger the first harvest, the smaller for the second and so on.


Sure enough, after 16 days, like clockwork, the little fellas started popping up from the soil. I regret not taking any progress photos, but imagine little tiny pinheads popping up from this fluffy white mycelium on the top soil. It looks a bit like cotton wool when you shred it up a bit.

After they broke the surface of the soil, the growth was astonishingly quick. You saw a big difference even in comparing the sizes in the morning and evening! It was very exciting and satisfying, despite not much work on my part.


We picked the mushrooms and enjoyed them first in a creamy mushroom tagiatelle, a rare treat as we don't often have pasta. (Would highly recommend this recipe for a lazy but delicious treat)

I didn't think their flavour would be that much different from the shop-bought mushrooms, but their flavour was just something else... they added an earthy, almost buttery richness to a relatively simple dish.

Safe to say, we enjoyed every last bit. I'm looking forward to using the rest of mushrooms, and crossing my fingers for a second pick.