If you’re in the UK, you’ll agree with me that summer is here – finally! And I’m super excited to share this summer drinks photography campaign I shot for 7UP. We worked to capture 7UP’s cool, refreshing allure and how it makes the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and food.

Summer drinks photography

I worked with a stellar creative team to meticulously plan each shot. From the sparkling bubbles to the fresh, zesty lime slices, and lighting approach, every detail was designed to transport the viewer to that perfect summer’s day.

Adding motion to stills photography

The inclusion of stopmotion in the 7UP campaign highlights the importance of motion alongside still photography to create more dynamic and engaging content. Seeing the liquid pour in action also helped highlight 7UP’s sparkly and crisp effervescence – it’s also super fun to shoot!

Team credits

Food stylist: Rosie Scott
Set design: Konstantin Godlevsky
Lighting Assistant: Sam Royston
Digi-op: Liam Prior
Food stylist assistants: Becks Wilkinson, Holly Galliver, Sophie Denmead
Set design assistant: Helen Zarkina
Hair, makeup & nails: Nicole Fairfield
Stylist: Kelly Herring
Models: Bank Innergen and Nadia Cumine from Hired Hands

Agency: AMV BBDO / Red Studios
Producers: Claire Nolan, Gab Peneda, Nick Godden
Creative: Charles Olafare, Josie Finlay
Agents: Lisa Pritchard Agency (Alexis Ko), Salt & Spoon (Rosie Scott)

Commercial drinks photographer

You may find more of my commercial drinks photography here. If you’d like to chat about a project, please contact me or my agent.

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