Barbie was by far my favourite toy as a little girl. So when all the media hype about the new Barbie film came out, it was the perfect opportunity to create my own Barbie-inspired food photography.

And while I love pink, I wanted to put my own unique spin on this series and went for a more muted pastel colour palette inspired by stills from the movie.

Food styling by Stevie Taylor
Props c/o Topham Street

shallow blue bowl of assorted pastel sweets and topped with pink barbie sunglasses
martini glass with pale pink cocktail and sparkly rim, garnished with a pink meringue swirl, sparkle ring and cherry
pastel barbie inspired milkshakes
plate of spaghetti styled like hair, adorned with jewellery, a hair roller and pink barbie shoe

I hope you enjoyed my Barbie food photography series as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

If you’d like to work together please contact me directly here or through my agent.

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