I recently shot this cereal photography series inspired by my love of cereal in all it’s forms.

What started as an American invention to aid digestion has now become the nation’s favourite breakfast food. Cereal has now become so much more than just a breakfast item, it’s a nostalgic reminder of childhood. I remember my excitement and impatience getting home from the shop, to rip open the brand new cereal box to first, find the toy, and then enjoy a hearty bowl of cereal and cold milk.

Cereal photography

Although most commonly associated with breakfast, it’s not the only time I enjoy a cheeky bowl of cereal. I had fun imagining how someone might enjoy cereal throughout the course of their day, from breakfast, to elevenses, to a post-work snack in front of the TV.

This cereal photography series is a throwback to my memories of eating a generous bowl of cereal while watching cartoons. Their retro-futuristic vibe is inspired by those very cartoons (anyone remember The Jetsons?).

surreal breakfast cereal photography
surreal cereal photography
breakfast cereal stopmotion

Commercial food photography

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