As a child growing up in the Philippines, I got to eat a weird and wonderful variety of snacks that are surprisingly tricky to find in the UK. Cracking open a packet of Chippy (salty-peppery-cheesy crisps) is a tasty and nostalgic experience that takes me way back.

This childhood snack photography series is inspired by the iconic Filipino snacks I grew up with.

filipino childhood snacks at a picnic
Chocolate flavoured wafer sticks, coated with chocolate on the inside – yum!
chippy crisps on blue plate
Funnily shaped Chippy (crisps) – an all round crowd pleaser
filipino corn snack closeup
Ding-Dong corn snacks – a mixture of corn nuts, dried peas and peanuts all coated in moreish salty flavouring
corn snacks in bowl
crackers and milky coffee
Skyflakes crackers – you’ll see a big family tub of these in many Filipino households. Best for dipping into coffee or tide you over between meals
filipino snacks in jars
Selection of Filipino sweets and snacks
filipino sweets stopmotion

I find it fascinating how the textures, flavours and smells embed themselves in our memories. The way food can transport you to a specific time and place is pretty magical.

I hope you enjoyed my childhood snack photography series. What food brings you back to your childhood?

If you’d like to see more of my food photography, please visit my portfolio.

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