Edinburgh is a great city to be vegan. From traditional Scottish fare to Italian to pub fare, Edinburgh’s vegan restaurant scene has options for all tastes. Recently I’ve shot for two of Edinburgh’s best vegan restaurants, Hendersons and Harmonium (love a bit of alliteration) and here are some of my favourite shots from them.

Harmonium bar and kitchen

Harmonium is one of many popular vegan restaurants in Edinburgh. Here a selection of photos I took to promote Harmonium’s Christmas menu.

7-11 E London St, Edinburgh EH7 4BN

Harmonium restaurant food photography
Harmonium’s Christmas menu
vegan mulligatawny soup
Vegan mulligatawny soup

I’d heard of mulligatawny soup before, but never actually seen it. It’s basically a curry soup that originated from South Indian cuisine. It’s traditionally made with chicken stock, spices, and herbs. This vegan version is made with cream, curry powder and apples.

vegan lentil and mushroom pie
Vegan lentil and mushroom pie
Sloe gin cocktail photography by Alexis Ko
Elephant Sloe Gin fizz

Harmonium also offers an extensive selection of cocktails and libations. They’re pretty unique in that they pride themselves in being an excellent restaurant and bar, that just so happens to be vegan – when usually it’s the other way around.


7-13 Barclay Place, Edinburgh EH10 4HW

hendersons vegan restaurant dishes
Cauliflower wings, beetroot and goat’s cheese tart and seasonal vegetable soup
green apple mocktail
Coriander and lime margarita

Hendersons is a household name in the vegan restaurant scene. The Edinburgh institution and first opened its doors in 1962. It’s now run by third generation Barrie Henderson, where they serve a mix of traditional and modern vegan and vegetarian food.

hendersons vegan dishes
Butternut squash risotto, Salad platter and Henderson haggis

Some of their signature dishes include the Hendersons haggis, seasonal salad plate and butternut squash risotto. My personal favourite is the whisky sauce that goes with the vegetarian haggis.

two people holding cocktails
Enjoying a French martini and Bloody mary
orange carrot juice
Fresh orange juice
vegan chocolate celebration cake
Vegan chocolate celebration cake

A new addition to their offerings is a rich vegan chocolate cake, which can be ordered for special occasions. It’s, dark, rich and decorated with fresh fruit and edible flowers (see image above right).

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, there is no shortage of vegan restaurants in Edinburgh to suit a wide variety of tastes. I hope this will encourage you to try something new on your next meal out!

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