My idea for this series came from a picture of this group of elderly women friends. They were prim, proper, middle class…good housewives, you know the sort. Being the traditionalists they were, they wore jewellery that was handed down to them by generations past.

60s photo of three elderly women sitting on a sofa in kitsch interiors

This Heirlooms series tells the story of these women and their precious family heirlooms being preserved in time.

I combined jewellery and pickles as a deliberate juxtaposition of highbrow and lowbrow cultures.

gold necklace dropped inside a jar of preserved garlic
diamond ring inside a full glass jar of white pickled onions
large diamond ring inside a full glass jar of pickled eggs
diamond bracelet stuck inside a jar of white asparagus
diamond bracelet stuck inside a tall glass jar of chickpeas in water

I hope you enjoyed my Pickles, preserves and family heirlooms photography series. You may see more of my commercial photography work here or on my instagram page.

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