I was comissioned by creative agency John Doe to create some whisky photography for Old Pulteney Distillery. The distillery is located in the northern shores of Scotland in the town of Caithness. They call themselves a maritime malt, being a whisky that captures the essence of its seaside location.

Boats at Wick harbour
Old Pulteney Huddart in pile of ropes

The photoshoot lasted 3 days and had a variety of product, environmental and lifestyle shots. All of which showed the story and mystique around Old Pulteney whisky.

Waves crashing in Wick
Old Pulteney 12 year old box at the coast
Holding Old Pulteney Huddard at the beach
Pouring a dram at the harbour

Old Pulteney’s tie to the sea extend to their humanitarian efforts. They partnered with SeaTrees, a kelp restoration project making a commitment to plant more than 4,000 mangrove trees globally, and restore 2,665 square-feet of kelp forest.

To see more of my whisky photography and full portfolio, go to www.alexisko.com

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